Well here i am

So this is my blog, yea pretty boring id agree. But for some reason unknown to even my self i decided to start one.

I feel everyone has something to share with the world be it threw any median, So here it is my thoughts feeling and any general fuckery i feel is relevant to my life..

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Winning Streak

Well My winning streak continues =D I cant help but wonder if it is the attitude adjustment that cause all the greatness. Ensitne you where onto something me thinks.

So a few weeks until my holidays start......... what do work maybe ( i have put my name down as free I think it would be a great time to sort out my CV. Seems as tho Tim is interested in starting a sport which i would be very keen in joining also ( so lets hope he sorts his shit out) it would make things a little easier keep the option open tho i reckon a martial art would be cool too

Note to self don't leave facial cleanser on by accident (ouch)

ta ta

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