Well here i am

So this is my blog, yea pretty boring id agree. But for some reason unknown to even my self i decided to start one.

I feel everyone has something to share with the world be it threw any median, So here it is my thoughts feeling and any general fuckery i feel is relevant to my life..

Monday, May 17, 2010

Being you not them

Well the active listening and shutting my mouth had a great reception it amazing what people talk about if you really listen ( a lot of shit most of the time haha)

I think today's picture can be the saying i have to remember "be you not them" i think this is true these days to many people posing as something there not trying to be as good as the next guy for what ?

some song lyrics that spoke to me >

If i had a chance to start again
id decline because the now is where my heart is in
would i hit the reset if i could refresh

should i ? would you ?

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